Pre-Fabricated Timber Frame

Timber Frame is an incredibly flexible building system because it can be integrated into almost any other building style including conventional framing (hybrid), concrete, steel, ICF and even less conventional systems such as Cobb and rammed earth. Not only can timbers be structurally integrated with other systems, the style of joinery has many options such as traditional mortise and tenon joinery, visible bolts, hidden steel plates and visible architectural steel, to mention a few.

Mortise and Tenon

The primary method of joinery we use is a housed mortise and tenon system, but we often modify this to achieve any structural requirement or visible architectural detail that is specified by the engineer, architect or client. When architectural steel details are required we can take care of planning, engineering and fabrication as well as test-fitting the steel connections with our timber system before the job is shipped.

Regardless of the joinery methods, our process remains the same:

  • We plan every aspect of the job in a CAD environment and produce detailed shop drawings
  • We cut and test fit the entire job in our shop
  • We number and label each piece to correspond with our drawings
  • Then we package and ship the job, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

Cabins, Custom Homes, Resorts & Hotels, Commercial Projects and Community Spaces are all well suited to timber frame. Give us a call to talk about options for your project.


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