Pre-Fabricated Timber Frame and Glulam Structures

Designed, pre-cut, test-fitted and shipped anywhere for a hassle free installation. Our timber frame fabrication services are designed to offer builders the ability to integrate timber or glulam structures into their projects without requiring tradespeople skilled in timber framing. We handle the design, engineering and manufacturing of the structure and supply a finished package that installs easily and looks exceptional.

Drafting, Home Design & Logistics

For each project, our drafting team produces 3D concept designs for quoting purposes, then fully detailed construction plans and shop drawings for approval before any wood is cut. We work with the general contractor, framing crew, truss manufacturers and any other relevant sub trades to ensure that all measurements are accurate and you receive a package that installs smoothly and fits perfectly.

Joinery, Test-Fitting & Installation

Our joiners cut and pre-assemble each structure in our 14,000 sq. ft. shop to ensure each connection fits perfectly before it is shipped. Each connection is clearly labelled, both on a set of plans and on the pieces. When our package arrives at your construction site you will have clear plans and clearly labelled pieces. Whether you install the package with your crew or ours, many of our most elaborate structures can assemble in just a few days.

Materials and Workmanship

Located on British Columbia’s West Coast, we have access to an abundant supply of premium quality timbers, directly from the source. We offer mature Douglas Fir, Cedar and other fibre in No.1 to clear grades. By default our timbers are cut 90% free of heart centre (without the core), which minimizes checking and twisting of the wood as the structure ages. The result is a structure that is as beautiful in 30 years as the day it was installed.