Custom Home Design

From the classic Tudor-style timber truss to the clean lines of West Coast Contemporary designs, timbers are becoming a common element in some of the West Coast’s most popular architecture. Our team offers conceptual and construction design service to clients wanting timber frame or post and beam detailing as a focal point in their home.

The strength of our team lies in their ability to work with clients to integrate various cosmetic and structural timber elements into a home at the early stages of the design process, while advising on the most efficient and cost effective way to achieve the desired look.

Timber Frame Design Services

  • Full Conceptual Plans: with measurements and all detail required to request quotes and prepare a detailed budget for the construction of your home.
  • Detailed Construction Plans: a final set of technical drawings that offer all of the detail necessary for contractors to apply for a building permit and complete each element of your home construction.
  • Full Timber Frame Design: For clients who desire the most durable method of construction available, a structural timber frame will last for generations.
  • Hybrid Timber Designs: Enjoy the visual elements of timber framing without the price tag. Timber work can be combined with conventional framing, ICF, steel framing and other building methods as a highlight in certain areas of the home. Our skilled designers can help employ a blend of structural and cosmetic timber work to keep within a realistic budget.
  • 3D CAD Designs: Our cutting edge design software allows us to show you the results of our design in a intuitive 3D model at each step of the process. This makes it easier to visualize the final look and feel of your custom home design.

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