Eastern USA

The culturally rich and visually stunning Eastern USA offers tranquillity, nature, history and limitless options to build the home of your dreams. Oceans, forests, lakes and mountains create a natural setting that almost demands  timber accents in a home.

Big Douglas fir and cedar trees do not grow on the East Coast, so the style of timber framing from the west to the east is significantly different. To have clean grain and minimal checking (cracks) in large dimension timbers, there are few other options than to order from the west.

If you are thinking of building in this region, you may wonder about the feasibility of shipping Coastal Douglas fir timber package over 5000 km (over 3000 miles) from the West Coast to the East coast. We have shipping networks that send our packages to the East coast often and the savings that are achieved from ordering directly from the source easily balance the cost of shipping a home package by rail or truck. One final benefit is the exchange rate from the US Dollar to the Canadian Dollar, which makes our pricing very attractive to Americans.

Have a look through our projects. If you like what you see lets talk about putting together some preliminary pricing.