British Columbia

As we are based in BC, you will see a large concentration of our work in this region.

Timber frame suits BC’s culture. With lakes, mountains, ocean, plains and coastal forests, BC is known for nature and active lifestyles. Our signature West Coast Contemporary style is bred from the elements and suits the values and lifestyles of BC’s vibrant population perfectly. In such a natural setting, timber elements make a home part of its surroundings and a part of the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

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We have ten mountain ranges that push west from The Rockies in a crowded parade until they fall into the Pacific. Thousand year old trees that deftly divide the light falling on an impossibly green forest floor. Glacier-fed streams that pour through steep valleys to join swollen rivers.

Higher up, mountain passes link whole ecosystems, and watersheds. It’s a wild place where Mother Nature creates the boundaries. Not man. And while she demands respect, her handiwork offers massive rewards for those wild at heart.

This abundant, nurturing landscape has sustained our ancient societies for 10,000 years. And today, some of those settlements have grown into cities that cling to the edge of wilderness, and won’t let go. Because the people here, are here for a reason: to live within arm’s reach of nature’s richness. To ski world-renowned resorts, surf Pacific swells, swim in shockingly clear mountain lakes, hike to a glacier and back in a day. And all that activity breathes energy into our culture of hospitality.